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Herunterladen FileNVRAM ( Yosemite ) 1.1.4

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FileNVRAM Chameleon iMessage Yosemite


FileNVRAM Modded for Yosemite
Fix iMessage using Chameleon

FileNVRAM by xZenue LLC is a Chameleon module which allows iMessage to work with legacy bootloaders. Version 1.1.3 was released in late 2012. This version does not work with OS X Yosemite. The source code for 1.1.4, a cleaned up version, was released by Meklort, but still does not work at as is. After a long delay since that release, he has restarted development, but again his latest revision is not working.

SJ_Underwater started with the original 1.1.4 code and cleaned it up to produce a version that works. This work is unrelated to the new development by Meklort but has been submitted to him for inclusion into his source.

Unlike earlier versions of OS X, this version of FileNVRAM requires both the FileNVRAM.dylib module and the FileNVRAM.kext to work with Yosemite. The dylib is installed to /Extra/modules/ and the kext is installed to /System/Library/Extensions. nvram commands are issued via Terminal, and will be saved upon reboot.

NOTE: This solution does not generate MLB and ROM values which are required for iMessage to work. Some users are reporting that using the values from their Apple computer does allow for their non-Apple computer to work with iMessage. Be aware that at any time Apple can and may block or blacklist your Apple computer as iMessage Activation issues are ongoing, unpredictable, and subject to change.

This site does not condone the sharing or use of values from systems that the user/poster does not own. Any sharing or discussion of sharing of valid MLB and ROM values from systems that the poster does not own will result in a suspension.


Meklort of xZenue LLC. Copyright © 2014 xZenue LLC. All rights reserved.

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