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Herunterladen VoodooTSCSync Configurator 1.0

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Hi guys i am releasing to you my new mac app, this app can be used to edit or create custom versions of the voodoo tsc sync kext, i have created it because i have seen many times peoples having troubles in finding the right version of voodoo tsc sync for their cpu, so i created a mac app that lets to edit or create a voodoo tsc kext and configure it for your system, i have included 3 ways to edit the kext:

1) configure using one of the existing templates (just chose one of the cpu models listed)

2) specifying the number of cores

3) manually editing the info.plist of the kext using the editor (still experimental, needs some improvements)

This app uses a copy of the VoodooTSCSync in his Resourches folder, or you can open an existing version of VoodooTSC and edit it, there are some other useful features to discover, and new ideas are also welcome to improve this program, i know that with a plist editor you can do what this app does, but this is designed to be more user friendly than editing a plist file manually and just for accomplish the task of configuring this kext for your machines without looking on the web for that specific pre-configured version you need, just download this program and follow a few steps.

System requirements: Any mac or hackintosh with Mac OS X Yosemite or more recent mac os x version

Source: http://www.insanelym...oodoo-tsc-sync/

( Intel Processors Only )

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