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X99 motherboard

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#1 OFFLINE   Asphyxia



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Geschrieben 25 Januar 2016 - 21:05 Uhr

hello, thinking of doing my first osx building, and wonder a little about that slightly different when seen most of them choose the right gigabytes to this or is it just as well with asus motherboard? CPU looks to be the i7 5820k 2011-3 can run OSX on an SSD m2? or is it only support the standard SATA Ssd disk?

#2 OFFLINE   the grateful dread

the grateful dread

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Geschrieben 26 Januar 2016 - 15:09 Uhr

hi Asphyxia,


since this is a german forum i moved your thread to the english subsection , no worries :)


this kext seem to work for m2 ssd cards: http://www.macvidcar...me-driver1.html


which gigabyte board is it exactly?


and which GPU? The Gt 130? this is basically a down clocked GT 9600 which still runs fine with OSX ;)


create a install media + clover and inject the kext above with clover. this way you should be able to install OS X on the m2 ssd



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#3 OFFLINE   AkimoA


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Geschrieben 26 Januar 2016 - 15:26 Uhr

sure u could use a asus motherboard for it , gigabyte ones are appearing to be less painful during installation . but thats mainly the only pain u going thru , once u got it installed it will run just as fine as on a gigabyte rig


just go by common sense and check what others used for there builds. 

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